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Race Evaluation

Pine Hil Sprints: Sprint 1


1. +01:00Stood around on the trail confused as to direction of north. Had convinced myself from looking at the map earlier that I had to run along the parking lot!
2. Trail to east of control then through woods.
3. +03:00Again no use of compass sent me off along E side of swamp until I saw the hill coming up to the north. Ran around the swamp CCW to control. Things going badly at this point....
5. Big trail around S side of hill.
6. +00:10Again too far left going to trail. LOOK AT THE FRIGGIN COMPASS! May be because I am using the thumb compass instead of the baseplate I have been training with.
7. JUde there, said she could not see the control. Control seemed a bit more on the SW side of knoll. Hard to see hanging on stunted oak tree (especially if you're R/G color blind)
8. Staying E of stone wall then W on the trails
F. Again, why didnt I stay on the trail to the parking lot?

Total Time Lost - 00:04:10

Split Analysis

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