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Race Evaluation

SLOC Cuivre River: Red


1. Trail to the reentrant just before the control.
2. Straight, using the big reentrant to the right as a distant handrail.
3. Pretty much just bashed through everything until I hit the river. I didn't think trying to find the trail would help because the green woods weren't too bad. After crossing the river started to lose contact with the map, so I just headed up the next spur knowing I'd be able to figure it out once on top.
4. Took the trail route, but actually ran mostly in the woods alongside the trail because it was really muddy.
5. Straight.
6. Straight.
7. +01:30Straight, but when I didn't see the rockface along the stream, I turned the wrong way. Saw the powerline and turned back.
8. Crossed right of the green stuff hoping the hillside would be fast running - it was. Slowed when I hit the "field" because it was all young cedars rather than open. Followed the stream around just to be sure I was in the right spot.
9. Up the ridge and then along the trail until almost past the control to cut climb. Spiked the pond, but forgot to check the clue for which side, so I had to run the long way around.
10. Straight. Slowed a bit just before entering the circle as the vegetation was different than mapped.
11. Followed the vegetation boundary along the top of the ridge. Missed about 20m right coming off the ridge, but spotted it before I got below it.
12. Grunt.
F. Went a bit left to avoid the nasty green.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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