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Race Evaluation

BOK/US Team Umstead 007: Sunday: Red F21


1. In no hurry because I knew I had a long run ahead of me. Went slowly and paid careful attention because it looked like the kind of area that one could waste a lot of time in. Spotted what I assumed was the black x on my right and adjusted to the right so that I hit the ditch in the middle. Phew, first one down.
2. Aimed right over the edge of the hill and made an easy left to the reentrant. Phew.
3. +00:15Crossed the stream on the trail, listened to the frogs (?) for a second and headed to the road. Took the trail instead of the dirt road (I can't believe I did that again) but realized it quickly and just crossed over. Headed across the reentrant to the top of the hill, using the little building in the saddle as an attackpoint (I was just right of it) and nailed the control. Could have been moving faster here for sure.
4. +01:30Wow. Stayed right of the stream and crossed by the trail ont he other side of the road. Sort of followed the trail up to the buildings but got quite confused. Tried to ignore all the manmade stuff and just get over to the control and that worked eventually (just looked for the reentrant just left of the finish field) but boy did I waste time trying to follow the trails and make sense of the paced stuff. Yuck.
5. +00:30I think I was still rattled up as I headed across the field and too far right. Hit the lack and had to go left to cross. Cut over the spur after the second reentrant, essentially aiming right to the control reentrant. Up to the control, no problem, but time lost in the beginning of the leg.
6. I was thankful for this one. Hacked through to the road, finding that I was drifting very right just like yesterday. Tried to correct even though I knew I'd hit the road eventually. Took the right route along the dirt road, using the open area with the cemetery as an attackpoint. Ran to the spur on the right along the broad reentrant and then left again once it got steeper. The big rock wall was ridiculously obvious and would allow someone recklessly running through to find the control easily without a plan. Too bad I didn't know that, took me a bit to even realize what it was. But no problem once I did. Could have used the time on the road to read ahead but I was focused solely on the task at hand.
7. +08:00Aimed left out of the control to hit the road on the higher part for a better run down. Found myself at a high point and double checked the map on both sides to make sure I was where I thought I was to prevent another mistake like yesterday's. Of course, I didn't do this quickly. Headed down the top of the hill to the trail and decided to attack from the corner of the trail. Kept track of the small hill to the left and crossed the broad marshy area only to hack my way right past the control. By the time I realized I had passed it I figured my best bet was to go down to the trail and attack from below. This was slow. Lots of time lost at the end but also time lost at the beginning trying to be so careful. (Lot of good that did.)
8. Looked at the map, checked left and right for routes, cursed the course setter, put my head down and went straight. Intercepted the trail going across the next stream and then stayed low/left across the next ridge to the trail. Headed up/right to the big, broad, white reentrant on the line This was the best running on the course! and it lined my up well to cross the last ridge and know that I was left of the reentrant. Hit the control fine, but again I was careful and deliberate along the way.
9. +01:00Never felt sure that I was taking a good route, but roads were very tempting. So I headed diagonally left to get to the road and took it all the way around. Caught a woman who was ahead of me just as we got to the boundary of the airport, where she cut into the woods and I kept going. I meant to cut through the woods later but the woods were just never tempting along here and I ended up going all the way around! Jumped off the road where it got steep and hit the control just before the mystery woman, who had already arrivedin the area and missed it.
10. Aimed right over the hill to cross the top of the first reentrant. No problems, nice and quick.
11. Headed straight over for the buildings and a good pace and consequently whacked my shin against a log. Hurt like hell. Limped to the leftmost building and right into the ditch. Stupid log.
12. Didn't even consider crossing the stream. Took the road to the right and crossed over to the trail.
F. Who comes up with these torturous uphill finishes? Did not finish particularly strong! But glad to be done.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:15

Split Analysis

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