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Race Evaluation

O' in the Oaks: Blue Day 2


2. I won! I won!
5. Confused parallel features
Got confused by the Orange control. Happy to see Wyatt actually got the bait.
6. Hesitated
Saw Syd going to #19 and remembered his time. Turned out I did not get his start time correctly, so I thought I was way ahead of him when I did get to #19. Hesitated a bit near the bag.
8. Followed others
Saw Perttu Ilmarinen (+3) and Anders Svensson (+6) leave the control and Andy Dale (+9) way below in the reentrant. Thought all were going to the control, so followed Perttu for just a bit, then turned around and met Andy at the bag.
9. Different choices but met Andy at the bag. Very happy on the way; at this point I think that I have no chance to hang on to Andy, but the other two I should be able to hang on to till the end. How wrong I was.
10. Followed Andy to the bag. Anders and Perttu well ahead, don't see them.
11. Followed Andy to the bag. Now it feels that the pace is a little too quick.
12. Found the other two at the bag. Drank and rested a bit.
13. Caught up with the crowd despite having rested at #12.
14. Starting to fall behind on the open-field running.
15. Did not read control description
Followed others
Was about 50 sec behind the pack leaving #14, and that proved fatal. Could not see them find #15 but was counting on it and did not read the description; literally went over the top of the bag because I was looking for a clearing, not a reentrant; got way too low and had to climb back.
16. I see them no more. Quietly, alone the rest of the way.
18. Bad map reading
Deviated to the right of the line and miscounted the rocky outcroppings. Unhappy about the map until I had a chance to examine it after the finish.
20. Did not check features en route
Read map too late
Bad distance judgement
Not thinking clearly
At 73:30, an abrupt shift happens. Just on the last leg, I was pushing it uphill quite actively. Now, I'm hungry, dirty, and tired. HR tanks. It's over. Made two errors on the leg: Stayed in the reentrant going around the blob of green to the right for about twice as long as was necessary, and missed the bag just to the left.
21. Tired
Mostly trails from here on; through #4.
22. Tired
Not thinking clearly
Missed the bag just to the right.
23. Tired
24. Tired
An ugly march up the road.
25. Tired
Cramping up in the second green.
F. Tired
"Good finish", says Joe S. Uh?

Total Time Lost - 00:06:35

Split Analysis

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