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Race Evaluation

O' in the Oaks: Blue Day 2


1. Hesitated
straight at it very tenatively.
2. Bad map reading
just a mass of black. Was not really sure what I was looking for, but figured it was on the northwest end of the stuff. Overran it by 10m.
3. More black bingo. Ignored the black and counted reentrants in the clear area to the reentrant in the circle. I guess this one wasn't so much bingoish, just hard to read the map.
4. Bad route choice
contour around to trail, take east trail to bend, contour in.
5. right of contour knolls, then down left of reentrant along side of rocky ground. spike.
6. contour around looking for proper blob of black. Had no real good plan nor attackpoint.
7. Confused parallel features
straight intending to use dark green as attackpoint but think I got wrong blob of green. Had to treasure hunt a bit.
8. +00:20did not find trail and ended up going thru woods to lower road. Down reentrant but boomed the control hitting unmapped cliff/boulder. Had to climb back two contours. Another runner here.
9. Back up to index contour, contour around, attack off of small reentrant at tip of stony ground. Other runner about 15 sec ahead.
10. Bad route choice
Confused parallel features
Disturbed by others
Contour way around with other runner. Should of went over but was trapped by pack mentality. He hesitates and I get ahead and attack by counting reentrants. More black bingo -- I hit the wrong blob on the spur then figure it out. He comes in at that point and checks out the wrong blob as well, as I leave the control.
11. No attack point
Did not like map
Now this is truly black bingo. Climb to clear boulevard, but did not have attack point. Was confused by lack of slope tags on the clearing thing. Trying to run hard to get away from other runner. Cut up to black ridge at what might be the right point and see other runner below. Start looking at contour features on the other side of the black and see James leave the control. Better to be lucky than good ...
12. Stay high on ridge counting reentrants. James is fast and gone. Do not see other runner.
14. contour to reentrant around left side of hill then off fence/white junction to spur. Could see James running in the distance -- see him for last time.
15. keep arms length from the fence.
16. run to spur and look for flag. Tough 5 contour climb on short leg. No sign of other runner.
17. Bad route choice
road to road then around ridge complex to the left, mapreading the clearing/white patches. Hit wrong blob of black at first.
18. navigate to proper blob of black using contour detail and look for something orange.
19. sheesh. Slog up the hill. (I actually did run up that hill, prolly cost me later). Hesitated looking for better route choice but over the hill it is. See other runner at bottom of hill as I crest. Opened up a pretty good lead. Pretty much straight from saddle mapreading the contour, vegetation, and rock detail. Looks like the left reentrant is an easier route to execute. Bag was tucked in the black pretty good.
20. Straight thru the green which really was not that bad. Those red trunked bushes were really cool.
21. road then up long reentrant. Starting to get tired.
22. contour to pond then thru saddle. Do not see a boulder in the center of my circle. Perhaps more black bingo or the boulder was obliterated by map folding. Look for water jugs -- fortunately I had a good attack point and was right there.
23. Tired
road -- reentrant. Tired.
24. Sheesh. Can't put my map in my pocket yet. Around first hill to the left, then pretty much straight thru the hills and off of small building. Was very careful in here, using contour features to navigate. Was too tired to run fast anyway. Did spike this one, which was nice. Yeah, the road looks like the better choice.
25. Down the spur.
F. Was happy with my run, but not my speed. Some of that black was a bit iffy. Some I think were a bit bingoish, others just hard to read the map. No major errors and had alot of fun.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:55

Split Analysis

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