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Race Evaluation

Rochester A-Meet, Day 2: Red X


1. 0-1 Taking the trails just past the circular camping area, I rough compassed the rest to the vegitation boudary. I follow the boundary only a short way as an older asian competitor appears to be leaving.
2. +03:301-2 Rushing to catch the asian competitor, I quickly overtake him. As I contour across, I think I passed one stream and ducked under the thick green. As I hit another stream, I head uphill staying in or on the left side of it. I've actually made a parallel error, 300 meters too short. At the top, I hit the road. Looking at the map, 2 appears to be on the right side so I drop back down, more in the stream and sitll don't find anything. Finally understanding my error, I go back up the hill to the road, turn right, then break-off just before the stream on a rough bearing to hit the control.
3. 2-3 Roughly contouring across on what appears to be an intermittant animal trail, I pass one competitor, then bear off downhill to spike the control.
4. +05:003-4 I think to go down and follow the streams but spiking #3 has my confidence up. I plan to contour across saving the climb and catch myself a the marshy area. I catch the first and second marshes actually being too far left and high. As the hill shifts, I go more left then locate myself at a narrow portion of the stream valley NE of the control. Climbing but not high enough, I duck under the control probably distracted by others looking in this area. I eventually hit the trail NW of the control but I'm not sure where I'm at on it. I didn't think I had gone that far. Coming back higher, I still somehow miss it, the drop down to the control at the spring. Now knowing where I'm at, I set a bearing and go straight to it, just edging out one of two woman.
5. +12:154-5 Wish I could do this one over again. Eagar to rush to #5, I guess I don't let my compass settle enough. I find myself going around the large depression. I realize it but as I nearly finish my loop, I'm not sure where on the circle that I am exactly. I leave on a tangent then turn uphill, probably after where I should have. Wandering, I see the large straight reentrant that #4 is in but I'm not positive of it. I later decide to bail out to the road. I see a driveway across the street but it's not on the map. Not sure where I am on the road, I turn right, climbing to the property boundary. On the property boundary, I turn right and plan to stay safe using the trails. However, I get smart again and leave the property boundary trail before it reaching the corner. I plan to go north, parallel to the trail west of the control and cross paths with Ted Good who shouts words of encouragement. I somehow miss again, then wander to the right eventually ending up all the way back at #4. Damn! This time, I set a careful bearing and go straight to #5 in less than a minute...
6. 5-6 Up to the trail and around it to the T-intersection before the marsh. It seems to take longer than it should. Still flustered I guess and fumbling with folding the map, I turn left at the T instead of right as I had wanted to. I realize this after 40 meters and turn around. Seeing a good line to the marsh, I plan to go around it on the left side. The way is good at first but gets slow. I have to step in it at one point. I catch an older man who can't believe anyone else would have taken this very green route too. Passing him and climbing to leave the marsh, I rough compass to near the top of the knoll. I curl back downward, dropping down to the control without further trouble.
7. 6-7 Since my compass abilities in these woods is greatly in question, I use the ridge of the knoll to the left to guide me in.
8. 7-8 I try to keep a good line rough compassing to the trail. I realize that The trail won't help me with my left/right location but it does tip me off to the distance. Dropping down after the trail, I read the contours, and adjust turning left straight to the control. Confidence is improving now and I feel much better.
9. 8-9 Rough compassing to the field and hitting it at the corner, I continue across and down the spur. Others are climbing as I happily run down, cross the strea and climb aiming for the next field. I drift right but an intermittant trail make the field visible. I run up it to the corner, then along the edge for a short way. Crossing the fence, I continue on rough compass left of the reentrant. I pause at the edge of the drop where visibility is good but can't see the reentrant that should be on the other side of the strem. I continue and see it a few short steps; leading me right to the control.
10. 9-10 Up to the field, I rough compass across. There are elephant paths that help some but they are not all running the same direction. I hit the fence and run the edge of the field until I can see the perpendicular fence intersection. The rest is rough compass, spiking the control.
11. 10-11 This leg looks difficult so I opt for using the trail and road. Going hard left at first, I pass marsh and hit a trail before I expect to. I read the map and follow it tentatively at first. Leaving it at a bend I rough compass to the String-O field, the run the road passing the start triangle. Turning up and passing the buildings, I use the stream to lead me to the marsh.
12. 11-12 There doesn't seem to be a great way to do this. Confidence is improved however and I remember the successful compass excersises I did at Prince William Forest in the summer. I plan and execute to rough compass to just below a major stream bend. At the stream, I go upstream to confirm my position and leave the stream at a distinct bend. Attacking the rest on bearing, my aim is true.
13. 12-13 Since #12 essentially has handrail streams on either side that converge, I at first backtrack looking for the intermittant trail. I soon find it, then stay with the stream (not on the trail) until the two streams converge. I soon hop the road and run up into the tent platform area. A young woman has just punched before I get there.
14. +00:0413-14 Not fully oriented, I chase the young woman who is setting a good pace down the hill. After I pass her, I read the map on the road, slowing a bit. I reach the punch first but have trouble getting my card in position.
F. 14-F The young woman leaves first but on the uphill sprint (that is far short of the listed 70 meters), I catch and pass her in. Afterward, Peter Gragarin asks me how I went about things and concludes that I found more controls faster than I should have. He gives me good advice - stick to the easiest, least risky routes in competition, and practice the riskier moves/compass bearings until I can do better than 9 out of 10 attempts. He rightly chastisses me for lack of my perception of distance, as my error with #2 exemplifies.

Total Time Lost - 00:20:49

Split Analysis

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