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Race Evaluation

BOK/US Team Umstead 007: Red M


1. Bad route choice
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
This was my 1st A-meet, and I was nervous at the start. First time I didn't get at least a minute looking at the map before starting. That bit me here and I went off the wrong way on the trail SW to the road. I realized it about 1/2 to the road, but decided to just keep going.
2. Going throug the green, got a little north, but hit the road and the power line to know where I was and go in for the control.
3. Aimed a little North to hit the stream close to the control, then cut up to get it. This little up hill was the 1st I noticed my legs were tired, probably from a 24 hour stomach bug I got about 48 hours before the race. :-(
4. Straight to the cabins and down the hill. Went up the wrong re-entrant to start.
5. +05:00Pretty much made a straight line for the #5, but never saw the rock piles on top of the hill. Hit the trail a little south of the control and then wen up to it from there.
6. Took a straight line to the control.
7. Another straight line...
8. A short walk over to 8. Yes, walking, as my legs were tired already.
9. +05:00Went down to the water and picked up the trail. Ran/walked up the hill, left the trail, went to the top and down. Here is where I lost a lot. There were a lot of ditches around here, and I just didn't see it. Kept circling wider and wider. Finally came back in to where I 1st entered the area, and there the control was within 10 feet of where I started. :-(
10. Pretty much went straight for it, using the cabins, and then the water, as guides from a distance.
11. I somehow drifted east and hit the re-entrant south and east of the one we were supposed to be in. As I got close to the water I could see I was in the wrong one based on the shore shape, and ran out to the right re-entrant.
12. A straight shot almost due north to the tree-line and hit it.
13. Leg were really tired/dead, but luckily I came right on it.
14. I was starting to wonder where everyone else was, as I hadn't seen anyone in ages. Maybe it was because I am slow and was one of the last starters, but I finally saw a lady someone on this control who was apparently on the same course. Took me a few controls to pass her.
15. I used the side wall to come up on this one.
16. Finally my legs didn't feel so bad and I was able to move quicker.
17. Not much to say on these last few. Just straight shots on all of them.
19. Three quick trail crossings and a stream crossing, straight shot up to the rock pile.
F. Done! My 1st A-Meet race. I should note I'm still recovering from knee surgery too. :-/

Total Time Lost - 00:12:30

Split Analysis

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