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Race Evaluation

BAOC Local, Montebello: Green/CCSE Chase


1. Punched the stick 5 seconds early but waited for 5 more seconds.
2. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Bad distance judgement
Went way off to the right; was confused in the field during the prolog, too. Wyatt caught up with me as soon as I got in the woods. "Help me, Wyatt", I say. We turn left and see James half-way to #2, already. Many more reentrants than mapped.
3. Followed Wyatt. Some hesitation just before the bag.
4. Did not like map
The situation in which I am 100% sure I was does not exist on the map. Wyatt pulled away.
5. Caught up with Wyatt without a problem.
7. Wyatt went more straight, and I stayed more level. I dropped about 20 seconds back initially, but as the effects of the climb started to be felt, Wyatt slowed down.
8. Took a chance
Tried to follow a mapped trail and got stuck in the bush.
9. On this leg, a straight uphill climb, Wyatt pulled over a minute ahead.
10. Read map too late
Did not like map
Bad distance judgement
Not thinking clearly
A catastrophe on a very short leg, with the control near a major trail and stream. Found an unmapped reentrant right next to the control, and searched for the bag forever, of course in the wrong direction along the stream. At the end, the train of Doug Stein, Steve Gregg, and Vadimas Masalkovas caught up with me. Found the control for them, eventually.
11. Did not like map
The train went more straight, along a steep slope, and I thought I'd beat them by going through a shallower bottom of a broad reentrant. Little did I know as the veg there was barely penetrable. Wasted a lot of energy battling it and trying to catch up to the train.
12. Quite tired, but got to the bag right after the train.
13. Got to the bag in the middle of the train, but no desire to battle it in the finish chute.
F. Let them go.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:40

Split Analysis

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