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Race Evaluation

OOC ?Permanent? Advanced: Cité des Jeunes


1. Once I started 'cros the field on snowshoes I knew this is wasn't I expected. I thought the dangers would be rocks & stumps like in January. However, the knee-deep snow forced me unto any track and broke a bolt in my right shoe's forefoot pad. Nearby bolt on same pad broke last year this time.
5. Legs 5-7 were faster than January. Today I was to focus on off-track navigation. The navigation lesson became locating unmapped tracks on map. Any track was better than deep snow which would have kept me on course for three hours.
6. I passed control thrice, unable to see tape from above.
7. Following tracks were a special nuisance on this leg. I was eventually dumped out on field & should have gone to field straight from 6.
8. Climbing the mountain, a less direct & less steep route would have been quicker.
9. Before learning of snow depth, the plan was W over mountain to field & S to next mountain. Instead, I followed tracks through GREEN.
10. Went down to beaver pond and SW along water course. With slow ground speed, I was pleased with the navigation. Even so, I found no big tape at 10, only old piece of yellowed yellow tape. Wasted time seeking big tape.
11. Went down to groomed ski track, SW to back up trail after falling on butt leaving groomed track. Freezing rain became issue and never found tape. Came out N on trail at same elevation as unconfirmed control.
F. Down the trail and unto the field and the midst of a kids' cross-country race.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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