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Race Evaluation

OOC ?Permanent? Advanced: Cité des Jeunes


1. I used 1025 snowshoes today. Rather than start w/ straight NW across field, I curved W and NW, hugging the inside of the cross-country ski course.
2. Following most of my elephant tracks, legs 2 and 3 were faster than my run before the snow.
5. I went over one hill too far.
6. Departing control, I went over same hill but shouldn't have. Went N out of control and found track W to trail connects. I took a nice line into valley which contain control 6.
7. Round pond, then down through green, out in to field hoping to find track which was some way out in field. However, wearing three layers, the nice breeze in the field helped me cool off.
8. Less direct, less steep & less time.
9. Even with elephant tracks this leg is dangerous: vertical drop bum skiing and nose dive coming out of green.
10. Out of 9, I back tracked 60m to pick up track in to valley which hadn't seen in last outing. I took a nice line at 10 but still wasted time seeking tape that wasn't there.
11. Circling round for missing tape at 10, I came down off map, remembered compass was in pack (not with me). Thankfully it was very sunny and found my way back straight to trail intersection S of 11. However, again found no tape there.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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