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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XI, Day 1: Red


1. +06:00I had a conservative trail option available, that did not add too much distance, but I tried to run straight. Ran too far and too right and had trouble relocating.
2. Too many wiggles and ditches en route, so I just ran on a bearing and paid close attention after crossing the trail.
3. Crossed the first ditch, then angled up to the second ditch while noticing in the distance what was probably mapped green.
4. +00:05Ran several steps towards 6, since there was a line from 3 to 6, but realized the problem and adjusted
5. Pushed a little right by the green, but I was aware of that and corrected appropriately.
6. Went farther right than I needed to, but it made for a very flat leg. Not sure why it was so slow.
7. Straight. Even I could see the little reentrant from a distance.
8. The green pushed me significantly right, but there was a nice spur target to get back towards the line and I even spotted the first bench to give me a solid pointer to the second bench.
9. +00:45The open field didn't look runnable, so I skirted around. Sadly, I skirted too far and ran above my control, saying "hmm, I wonder which course has that control". Got about 75m past, before I realized that it must have been mine.
10. +00:10Aimed too high up the spur. Should have used the time running back to C9 to set an accurate bearing
11. Went farther right than I wanted because I was paranoid about running OB, what with all of the AP discussion on what is a deserved DQ.
12. Straight and slow.
13. Missed just one hump to the right.
14. Drifted right to let myself get a hint from C12.
15. +00:08Angled left to the trail. Took a spill in the open, flat land. How does that happen?
16. Just a bit slow. But I got Nate by 1 second.
17. Quicker. Got Nate by 4 seconds. He says if I was next to him, he would have beaten me. I told him that next time he should imagine that I am next to him.
F. Quite quick. But only got Nate by 1 second.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:08

Split Analysis

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