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Race Evaluation

MNOC Hyland Sprint: Sprint


1. Angled to the creek, then into control
2. through the woods, could see control nearly from control 1
3. around the hill, back past the start.
4. went long way around the vegetation, maybe could have been a couple seconds quicker
5. straight to the control.
6. Maybe could have been quicker, by going through woods from the top of the hill, but open running seemed quicker
7. Ran around by the parking lot
8. Hesitated
hesitated by the bathroom, wanting to avoid a big mistake. Could have been quicker
9. straight up the hill then to the control
10. long leg, started to feel tired. Nearly drawn to the thick vegitation by the lake, but double checked the map.
11. straight to control
12. went past south end of parking lot. May have hesitated a little looking at the boulders that are along the lakeshore.
13. nearly straight to control
14. took trail and thought about going all the way around. Maybe a little hesitation before deciding to go back past control 5
15. Bad map reading
Not thinking clearly
drawn off by control that I knew wasn't the right one. Had to slow down then go around the platform
F. around the hill again to the finish

Total Time Lost - 00:00:15

Split Analysis

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