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Race Evaluation

DVOA Frontier Festival: Red X Day 1


1. Trail around clearing. Left trail at semiopen NE of control, up dry stream.
2. South side of all the small reentrants.
3. Up to clearing, trail past lake. Approached from E side. Saw (9) on the way.
4. +03:00E then on trail N, trail E, cut across clearing for last 1/3. Came in from trail S of control at the bend SW of control. Hit reentrant but missed the bag. (I think it was behind Gale when I looked) Wandered in green before going back up reentrant and finding it this time.
5. N to get around dark green. Figured there might be a small passage near the pond.
6. S to trail. Came in from S of bag had to crawl a bit through the thorns but pegged it.
7. +00:30Out on elephant trail to E. Could not decide on best route while running N on trail. Everything looked risky. Finally stayed on large trail all the way to pond N of (6) then aimed for building across fields. Along fence then stayed on edge of clearing because of barking dogs. Passed by Graham on blue at the control.
8. Interesting leg. Came in on linear clearing from W.
9. +00:30Back out W. Trails W then cut through green and crossed stream. Got to stream ok but could not get back out. 30m downstream to find a thorn free exit. Wet to mid thigh. W through clearing to trail by (6) and (3). Thought about coming in from W trail where I had seen it on way to (3) but came in from N trail instead.
10. +01:00Took a chance and tried for the straight route through the maze. Almost worked, hit the stream just E of bend but so overgrown I could not see the bag or the stream bend. Continued on to catching feature and hit the trail at the bend right where I should have. Elephant trail in and out. Should have just run around
11. +00:40Small trail out to main trail. Eric Bone went sprinting by in other direction. Busy planning my route up the stream when I realized these were open woods. Cut over what was left of hill.
12. Straight
13. Straight. Visible from way off.
14. Up spur around green then straight.
15. +02:00Could not decide which way to go. No idea what woods were like near the bag so took the safe route. E to clearing and pond, then trail around to NE side of clearing and cut through the rough open to small E-W trail. Could not find a gap to cut N so E all the way to big clearing and trail N. In from jct E of control. Got to far N and had to look around a bit. Woods were much more open than I expected. I think the straight line up the reentrant would have been quicker.
16. N to trail. Trail to jct. In.
17. +00:40Just running E keeping stream to the left. Surprised by jct and carelessly went left to follow stream. At bridge realized mistake and went back.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:20

Split Analysis

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