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Race Evaluation

Macedonia Brook SP: Red


1. Bad map reading
Left small trail too early and climbed to bend in wall south of control. Scratched head for a bit, then looked carefully at map and followed wall to control.
3. Did not plan ahead
Didn't read map very closely and pulled up short on rocks near rockfaces well south of control.
4. Did not follow plan
Went up reentrant and located indistinct trail near long rockface. At top, abandoned plan to run the long saddle and just headed south over hilltop. Found the right control number on the wrong control at the rockpile and didn't look any further.
5. Hesitated
Ran west and around north side of small pond then followed ridgetop.
6. Slow across light green to small pond (dry swamp). Followed open lane through poorly mapped green to control in saddle between hilltops.
7. Bad map reading
Across hilltop and stream. Followed edge of green then angled uphill. Went too high into confusing area of small knolls. Guessed I was too high and followed spur (mapped) then west to correct knoll.
8. Hesitated
Cautious on hilltop - too many indistinct knolls.
11. No attack point
No attack point - didn't notice stone wall just north of trail. Approached slowly.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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