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Race Evaluation

DVOA A-Meet (Interscholastics): Brown - Day 2


2. Bad route choice
Did not check features en route
Climbed 2 unnecessary contours back up to trail; s/h contoured NW across flat area to next reentrant, and joined trail there. Mistakenly attacked #2 from second trail bend instead of first bend; relocated on small flagged depression near trail.
3. Bad route choice
4. Bad route choice
Ran up and over big spur in fields, s/h used time to plan ahead: missed trail, crashed through green and stream to N-S horse trail.
5. +00:15Should have started back up hill immediately after punching #4 instead of using indistinct trail
6. Bad route choice
Climbed to top of fields along Mason-Dixon Line and drifted into Pa; s/h stayed low, skirting forest border, to trail in SW corner of field, uphill to trail through green directly at #6
7. +00:15Crashed through green unnecessarily; s/h run trail SW along stream.
9. Bad route choice
Missed easy road run: ran up and over 10m hill unnecesarily. S/H run south from #8 to trail, open, paved road around to stream, trail along reentrant, to stream junction

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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