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Race Evaluation

Fountainhead East: Red


1. +02:00circle did not agree with description, so I went high
3. road and trail
4. +01:00thigh deep in the mud, should have gone a little wider
6. above reentrants
7. +05:30parallel error at last stream junction before control, off trail behind and back to bag - passing Sam
8. down spur to saddle
9. +01:00didn't recognize the reentrant but Sam finds it for me
10. +03:00tried straight but ended one reentrant left (didn't see resevoir), over and back
11. +04:30almost straight and nail it but no bag, search hillside, decide I'm here and it's not so I'm gone
12. +00:30almost straight, hesitant in selecting reentrant, as I choose the wrong one, I see the bag
13. slide off trail at saddle then straight, beautiful here
14. almost straight
15. +01:00aim right too see road but end up blocked by deadfall
16. almost straight from parking area
17. aimed left to see building
18. +01:00straight but hesitant, couldn't read feature
19. unmarked trail until I could see it
F. +00:10left out to parking lot

Total Time Lost - 00:19:40

Split Analysis

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