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Race Evaluation

BOK Umstead Park: Bubba Goat 2001


1. Read map too late
Did not like map
Not thinking clearly
Disturbed by others
Turned the map over and 1 looked like an obvious skip candidate. Checked second loop and decided to skip 1. Tim and Tom Strat say 'ok lets do it'. Tom says 'Randy you lead'. I wasn't sure where exactly we were and say as much. I panic a bit and follow the pack figuring everyone is skipping 1 as it seemed that obvious to me. I see Tim and Tom go the other way and realise the pack is going to 1 and they are going to 2. I break off to go to 2, all alone, follow stream, and eventually catch up to Tim and Tom on the trail by the river.
3. Underrated difficulty
Off the road bend, left of the deadfall, up the subtle spur. Tim and Tom there. We fan out and Tim finds it first. Was farther up the hill than I expected, and there seemed more contour detail than mapped.
4. Tim says 'its forked'. I say 'right is 2 less contours. Tim and Tom go left, I go right, over the spur, up the reentrant, and spike it.
5. All alone, hit trail to west of stream avoiding deadfall and spike it. Figure I'm in the lead now.
6. Could see 6 from 5...
7. Did not like map
Left to trail. Try to push hard. See a couple of other runners coming the other way who must have went to 1 and I figure I have a 2 minute lead on these runners, and there are no skips left on the map worth 2 minutes. Figure only 3 of us skipped 1. Cross road, skirt green, follow reentrant to stream, then climb to ridge to an unmapped saddle. Hesitiate a bit then run southwest to proper saddle. Hesitate again as I could not see faded flag 2 meters in front of my face. Hear voices which must be Tim and Tom. Figured I had a bigger lead than that ...
8. Did not follow plan
Ran too fast
Run really hard to get away and drift way west to the lake shore. See them ahead of me in the campground. Punch just behind.
10. Straightish looks like the best route of you go wide right of the first deadfall section, and punch thru the narrow neck of the other section near the ditch, then up the hill thru the campground. That is what I did anyway. Get ahead of Tim and do not see Tom.
11. In the lead at the break by about 10 sec or so. Don't take water.
12. Bad compass work
Try to open up a lead and boom the control low. See Tim punch and take the lead.
13. Straightish up the hill. Deadfall is much more benign than mapped. Figure Tim took the road. Push hard up the hill. Down broad reentrant then count smaller reentrants to the right one. Again don't see flag 2m in front of my face. Figure I have the lead again. Figure a clean race can win it from this point out.
14. Straight count the reentrants. Unmapped ditches before the mapped ones.
15. Right of line up spur to trail bend.
16. Trail run
17. Slightly left of line avoiding deadfall but don't take the intermittant trail. Hit N/S trail at rockpiles/pit. Control looks dangerous being on the other side of a flat area. Follow reentrant down and spike the control. Area was greener than mapped and viz was poor, but I was careful and nailed it. Leaves around control undisturbed -- figure anyone who skipped late has lost their chance pass me now.
19. Up reentrant to ride then straight. Huge cliff.
20. One long route choice leg to go. Figure a good bit of time at stake on route choice so plan it carefully. Rightish to trail bend, down to river, cross river until it gets steep, cross river again, make sure I check off river bend, then push as hard as possible up spur to clearing. Starting to bonk.
F. +00:10Jogged down the finish chute, forgetting people could skip the go control and cross the finish from any direction ...

Total Time Lost - 00:03:20

Split Analysis

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