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Race Evaluation

BOK Umstead Park: Bubba Goat 2001


1. Followed by others
Small field of people. I wanted to get a quick start and separate from the back of the pack. Start was confusing as it was difficult to find course on map. Found #1 and dashed off without any hesitation. Lots of people following me. Most appeared to be to far right. Went right to the area and didn't see the control. Continued farther up hill, then to the left, then back up the hill to graveyard. Flaked out and ran wrong direction from graveyard, corrected eventually and went right back to where I started. Continued to look for stony ground. Saw a few people standing by a dot knoll. Hey what do you know There was a faded control on that dot knoll. Don't know where the stony ground was. I am way back in the pack.
2. Ran too fast
Two is a easy control on a bridge. between road and stream, can't miss the control. NOT!. I head off slightly right to get through green easier. Running hard to make up for lost ground. Apparently I continued to run slightly off. I hit the trail right at the bend. Unfortunately it isn't the trail I think it was. I have succeed in running off the map. The trail is going the same direction so I take it without hesitation (of course I ran 300 meters to far before hitting the trail). Followed trail to road (wrong road). Turned left expected to see bridge but it wasn't there. oh oh. Ran down the road as I figured it was the quickest way to get somewhere. Eventually came to road junction. Decisions, decisions. At first I kept straight, then though better and turned on to new road. Ran way down the road and eventually back onto the map and to control. This wouldn't have been a totally bad route if I had taken it initially and without hesitation. I am now way behind the leaders (11-12 minutes). Lori Huberman punches just in front of me.
3. Still running hard, Pass someone on the road. Cut in at bend by woods and straight line it. Pass by Mike Brooks. He is happy to see me.
4. Apparently Four is a forked control. Unfortunately no one told me. I proceed as if there is one #4. At first I start off towards the right one, then part way there realize I am going in the wrong direction and head to the left one. I am still not aware of the fork. See Joe Huberman.
5. +05:00Still don't know 4 is forked. Proceed to run to 5 but from the wrong number 4. Running hard still. Cross the first trail. Almost immediately cross another trail. Darn map, this trail isn't on it. I end up way to far north. Eventually I find something that shouldn't be and head back to the control, way back. See the same people I already passed. At this point I decide that something is wrong with my compass so I decide to stop using it. Other than the rough map orientation I don't use the compass the rest of the course.
6. Followed the line of pigmy's to the control.
7. Angle up to the trail, down trail, cross road. No problems.
8. Up to cabins, around reentrants on trail. I stay higher on hill instead of dropping down to trail as the trail doesn't look any better. Control isn't by bridge. It is a nuisance to get to.
9. Gimme control.
10. Trail around, pass another few people. Up to cabins. I think the lead Pigmy is just in front of me.
11. +00:10Follow pigmy down trail. He turns the wrong way which confuses me. Apparently the Pigmy course has a different last control from the bubba course. Take some gatorade. I see that there are about 7-8 people in front of me at the 1/2 way
12. +00:15Up road, Cut in a little to soon. Lose a little time.
13. +01:15Up hill, across road. Get a little confused in reentrants. Find stream split, and go to control. Still a little high.
14. +01:15Straight. There are a lot of extra ditches not on the map. I look at each one as I go by. Look extra hard at last ditch, don't see control so go on. Hit reentrant and come straight back to where I just was. Still don't see control. I am a little low. Control is hung high and I am low looking in ditch. Control is also very faded. I am not happy when I finally see it.
15. +00:10At this point I am not in any hurry. I start running easier. (Slower). Hit trail slightly to right.
16. Down trail.
17. Go straight to indistinct trail (actually a ditch). I decide not to take it. Just run in general direction. Relocate once I get next to control. As I approach the control, I see another person standing around looking confused. I look behind me and see the "Badly faded" control. The other person wasn't happy.
18. head straight. Hit a trail. Hey a trail. I think I will take it. Then up reentrant.
19. +00:30Go more or less straight. Green extends farther right then mapped which forces me right. It would have been nice to know the size of the cliff I was looking for. From my approache, the cliff was a giant boulder (over 3 meters) which to be a cliff the contours should have been closer together. Map is wrong.
20. +00:15Start out straight. Hit trail and follow it down to stream. Along stream avoiding one hill, Up spur to clearing where I parked. Cut over to "trail" which doesn't exist. It is a long rough clearing which confuses me.
F. jog in. No hurray. As I run in, I see Tom Strat talking to Tim Good and Randy Hall. Randy hall has changed already. I hear one of them ask which control was skipped. DOOOAAAHHH!! I totally forgot to skip a control.

Total Time Lost - 00:18:50

Split Analysis

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