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Race Evaluation

Mt. Tom get all the controls:


1. No watch, so no splits but figured I would comment anyway. I opted for the CCW route - would rather climb on trails and downhill in the open woods - a good choice? My time may also be a little slow since I ran a moderate 8 miles at Soapstone 2.5 hours previous. First control - into reentrant easy
2. +00:45Got a tad low, but had to climb up rocky streambed
3. +00:45Was dead-on but saw road and felt I was too close, so probably backtracked just before boulders (didn't see them in hemlock) came back and there they were - just seemed a little close to the road from that attack angle.
4. screaming downhill - spike...
5. +00:20cut into the woods and through green - did not pick up small trail and overshot slightly, quickly backed up into depression which was not visible unless you were right on it.
6. trails all the way...
7. +00:15up and across slope - drifted downhill a line or two partway there but corrected and hit control deadon.
8. straight in to hilltop
9. +00:10uphill on trail (running), cut into woods at sharp reentrant hit boulder cleanly - no flag? - went around the boulder and saw flag wedged into crack in boulder - is there a clue for boulder - inside of?
10. +00:30off and around reentrant - nice woods - got off to the right slightly, hitting wrong cliff, quickly back to correct cliff
11. +01:00off into the green - bad idea - smashed my knee good and just general thrashing, should have gone around the green
12. +00:10downhill on trail to junction, then across slope between two spurs - pick up trail and run hard to boulder - no flag? saw flag tucked under small hemlock a few m away - hidden from my approach angle
13. +01:00across slope above rocky knoll, across large reentrant and up below cliffs - very solid attackpoint going up east facing reentrant and over saddle to find Peter G asking if this is the reentrant I have circled - I tell him it is and he tells me its not there - which I quickly find for myself - I check 2 reentrants just west of my circle to make sure and then head onwards - maybe a minute to check the other two reentrants
14. screaming downhill run (I love running down this slope which is why I appear to be the only one to do this CCW) catch the reentrant and follow downhill until reentrant flattens out, then on bearing for boulder - I saw a very large buck in the vicinity of the flag - once he saw me and took off I realized he must have been munching on the flag....
15. down to bridge spike...
16. up to stonewall from trail/stream junction
17. trail to bridge - met Charlie going the other way...
18. trail to rocky ground
F. road to finish...

Total Time Lost - 00:04:55

Split Analysis

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