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Race Evaluation

Baldwin Hill (UNO/NEOC Club Champs): Blue


3. Straight thru marsh (no problem)
4. +01:00Got too far west going thru green, ended up using trail and coming in from stone wall corner.
5. Straight
6. +00:30Too much E instead of ESE at start, was heading to north side of yellow marsh, had to backtrack a bit. Straight thereafter.
7. Left of pond, right of last little green area.
8. Straight
9. Straight
12. +00:30Right thru small blue marsh and in from SE. First visited knolls to SW of proper one (had people there, thought there would be a control too ....)
13. Straight
15. Straight, a lot of walking
16. Trails/stone wall
F. A really fun course/terrain. Fitness better than it's been recently, but still croaking on even the slightest uphills. Orienteering good for the most part (almost always in control).

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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