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Race Evaluation

MVOC Hills and Dales Sprints: Sprint #1 (brown)


1. went around all erosion fences to the left. Middle might have been a couple seconds quicker.
2. +00:05getting around pile of cut honeysuckle before control. if I'd looked farther ahead, I might have been able to choose the best way around.
3. Did not like map
Bad map reading
indistinct path is poorly mapped due to ocad glitch (very short trail segment has very tiny dashes & disproportionately big gap). I should have figured it out quickjer, though.
4. couldn't do this one much faster. Saw the bag ftom at least 60 m away.
5. reasonably clean, mostly road run.
6. planned to use road but forest was very open so I went straight, which was definitely faster.
8. Did not like map
I don't really like how this feature was mapped & how the bag was positioned. I left the trail at the road, going up the reentrant. Map circle makes bag look almost equi-distant between road edge & path. It was actually much closer to path & I'd have saved a few seconds by staying on the path, because of having to turn back thru thick brush.
F. Tired
direct. a second slower than earlier run on sprint #2.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:20

Split Analysis

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