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Race Evaluation

OOC Kanata Lakes: Long advanced


5. Crossed the tracks of the exCNR Renfrew sub. Train had passed earlier while I gathered signs. I am glad that Rorry described beaver dam he pencilled on map. Even so, I still got a soaker in that region.
6. Eventually noticed N/S trail along left map margin, straight to trail & down to cliff.
7. From mega-cliff, back up muddy trail system then off into white along dead fence.
8. On many of my route choices, I found the mud chewed up as if dozens of runners had taken same route earlier in the day.
9. When flying towards the forced road, I came out S of parking lot.
10. Following trails through ankle-deep mud and over rain-slick rock faces did keep me on track.
11. Ran fast on the ballast, though that was tough on my knee. Picked up the trails at the siding then followed hydro-corridor on high ground above marsh.
12. However, that was time wasted as marsh was dry and frozen and I went right from #11 to trails. North of tracks, I decided to visit the beaver dam for first time. In past, I always chose long trail run which I will continue to do next time. Dam was easy to find but water was still shoelace deep.
13. There's nothing like putting the longest legs at the end of a long map.
F. Did not plan ahead
I blew the home stretch. I put my head down and map away and followed chewed-up mud. I ended up 400m due E of 13. I should have taken direct journey N through light green to trails.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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