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Race Evaluation

Five Ponds WCOC meet: Red


1. Almost used the brown only map, but wimped out.
2. Around the slash/green to the right and follow the streambed.
5. Went to the west of the green and then down the stream/marsh. (Didn't want to run on the road, which would've probably been faster.) Spent 2 - 3 minutes looking for the missing bag.
7. Up to the trail. A bit sloppy from the trail to the control.
8. Only one rockpile is mapped but there are about six of them in the area. Checked most of them until finally coming back at it from the stone wall.
9. Got caught up in the green but spiked the control coming off the larger pond.
10. Went to the right of the green, but lost map contact and had to go to the trail to relocate.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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