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Race Evaluation

Bowie: Fran Uhler Natural Area: Red


1. Left the start and headed to the corner of the baseball stadium and then headed into the control.
2. Bad route choice
Could not relocate
Should have gone south of the swamp, but headed up the road to the trail above the swamp. Made 2 major errors - headed north when the trail headed north instead of continuing to the east. Was in clearing (construction area) and then got tangled up in the green to the south. Then I tried to find a trail that was marked as "planned trail" - never did realize why I coulnn't find it until after I was done... Finally relocated to the Merkel Rd. Trail south of the control.
3. Made another dumb choice here and went to the trail north of the control.Ended up dropping back down the the Merkel Rd. Trail again and came to the T intersection. Went from there to the pile of tires and then to the left a bit for the control.
4. From 3 I headed to the Race Track Trail (RTT) to the east. Ran on this until I saw the series of water holes and then dropped in for the control.
5. Back out to the RTT and ran until the cross trail. Took trail slightly uphill and over the little lump of earht to the control.
6. Back to RTT until the end of the bank on the west side and then to the control.
7. Back to RTT and followed this until I saw the heavy stream. Followed stream to the control.
8. Tried to follow compass and stay just off the wet area. Ended up passing #10 and used this to relocate. Managed to get tangled up in the green up to the slope to the WB&A Trail. Went pretty cleanly to the control.
9. Right to the control.
10. Crossed the water right by #9 - and ended up on the little island. Crossed back over and went back up and over the WB&A. Been to #10 already so it should be a piece of cake - NOT. Didn't waste much time on it, but I was a bit to the left of it.
11. Head back to my favorite RTT and run down to where the water crosses it. Go to the control, punch, and get several glasses of water.
12. Back to the RTT abd run up to the cross trail. Beat some Orange youngster to the area but he sees the control first.
13. Bad distance judgement
Could not relocate
Decided I haven't made enough mistakes today and head off to #13 to remedy this. Drop into depression area too soon and end up finding #4 again, however I didn't realize this until I had move well away from it.Head back 9out to the trail where the private property is at a 90 degree angle. Go further up the trail and get some good blood going throught the green. Still too much south and head up to try again when I find it.
14. Right to this one.
15. Run to the Merkel Trail to the Bowie Trail to the clearing and in.
16. WIth the lack of rain, was able to run through the marshy area to the trail to the power thingee to the control.
17. Back out to the power area. Drop in too soon and find another control. Follow a bit further and find mine.
18. To the Fleming Trail and across the bridge. Follow trail to the north and then drop in.
F. Bad distance judgement
Make a dumb choice and go south to the trail and then back around the way I started. Should have gone up to the trail. Felt good about the run especially since I have been sick for 5 days. Out sick Thursday and Friday so I could rake leaves on Saturday and O on Sunday! :)

Total Time Lost - 00:28:00

Split Analysis

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