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Race Evaluation

Bowie: Fran Uhler Natural Area: Red


1. Ran along the edge of the woods and eyeballed the east tip of the tennis court as an attack point. Think I got hung up in a corner of the green or in some unmapped deadfall.
2. Around to the south of the swamp on Old Merkel Road briefly. Could see bag thru the green and went right thru.
3. OMR to junction to junkpile and aim for lake.
4. Bad compass work
Drifted left, found the lonely dot knoll in the woods, wasn't sure where I was, ran southeast to string of contour features figuring I'd figure it out when I got there and fortunately hit the multi-contour knoll.
5. +00:15Left up to the Merkel Trail. Never saw V junction and ended up at the Race Track Trail. Good attack point, should have went that way the first time.
6. Out to RTT, then follow ditch to DM trail junction and in.
7. Handrail against right or left river, depending on the quality of the forest, then down ditch then over to blue trickle to the right then off trickle stream junction.
8. Drifted left to the contour features where 10 is but did not see 10. Aimed for the bend in the ride then the green patch and hit both of them.
9. Straight.
10. Avoid the patch of green and go off the cove. Saw the area on the way to 8 so already knew what I would do.
11. Blue trickle to 7 to swamp to RTT and off old railroad bridge.
12. Over to DM trail planning to attack of trail junct west of control but saw huge tree before I got there and cut right to it.
13. Swamp to junkpile to linear depresssion then read water features in. Slow going on the attack dealing with beaver deadfall and mucky ground/green. Jon Torrance's route thru 4 was prolly the better route.
14. Could see the flag a mile away.
15. Drifted left (as usual), hit the clearing then Merkel Trail. Was planning to cut thru woods to Bowie State trail but woods looked medium green, not white, so ran trail network around and then around west of swamp.
16. North to Fleming trail then north on smaller trail. Powerline pylon looks like a bike symbol the way the lines on my map are drawn, so I was a bit confused by that. Went too carefully into the technical area as the control was visible from afar.
17. Confused by the (dry) water features, so just cut in and kept an angle from the powerline.
18. Over bridge then off east tip of green.
F. Tired
Not thinking clearly
Starting to bonk a little bit. Was not thinking clearly and got into the swamp rather than bailing to the trail immediately. Ran hard but the field got me by a minute on the run in. Late runners also had the advantage of the finish moved closer by 3 seconds :-)

Total Time Lost - 00:00:33

Split Analysis

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