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Race Evaluation

Susquehanna Stumble: Short Stumble


1. Did not plan ahead
Read map too late
Followed others
(D) Went out easy and just followed the crowd. Just behind Joe B. and just ahead of Pam James and Peggy D. Punching is a problem as it takes me several seconds to line up my cast properly.
2. (C) Still plenty of people to follow as I keyed on Joe. Some trouble in the rocks, the cast affects my balance and I am very afraid of falling.
3. (A)
4. (B)
5. Once out of the rocks Joe starts to pull away.
6. (E) Joe just in sight. Follow out to trail and watch him run away. Cut in at bend and contour in.
7. (H) Running alone and slowed down. Caught by Pam James and the pack following her. I was still ahead at the control when she was a little low and most seemed to follow her.
8. Did not plan ahead
Read map too late
(I) Pam caught me again at trail. For E-H leg, I had been thinking I needed to contour around and ignore G. That thought stuck in my head and I continued on to 'I' down the indistinct trail. Saw Pam and the rest head up the trail and did not follow. Had not realized we were so close to G. Knew I had made a mistake when I hit the trail down to (I) at the little pond well above the control. Even then I should have run up to G but did not.
9. Did not follow plan
(G) Had just barely left the control when Pam approached. That was the last time I saw her. Others, including Peggy, were right behind. Hesitated about going to G as planned or getting F first. Back up trail to G.
10. (F) Straight in to the control hoping to catch sight of the end of my former group. No such luck, all alone now.
11. Hesitated
Run on a general bearing, intending to relocate on the trail and high ground. Still hoping to see someone. Saw a control to the right which I thought was on Willis Knob. Ended up to far east but saw the control to the left.
12. Did not follow plan
Feet are getting hot spots. Will have blisters before I am done. Go slightly left and out the spur, trying to cross the rocks at the narrowest part. Considered taking the trail around but worried that I will not know when to cut off. See the platform near the trail but am to tired to head up hill properly. Come out at the depression NE of control.
13. Straight line. Crossing the lower trail bend and platform before the control along the way.
14. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Did not read control description
Not thinking clearly
Followed others
Intended to take indistinct trail but missed it. Crossed trail at bend but may have been at eastern bend. Got messed up in the streamers for another course and followed them to platform 150m E of control. Across rocks to ours. Saw Tom O. ? in distance ahead and Dave Onkst just ahead.
15. Ran directly to it. Passed Dave as he went to far right.
F. Did not take split here. Time is from results. Drank half my ERG and continued on when I saw Peggy and Viktoria running in.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:15

Split Analysis

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