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Race Evaluation

HVO A-Meet: Blue, Day 1


1. First ever time in Harriman, so I was going carefully.
2. Pretty happy with this leg. Past the stream, then a slight climb to the yellow, noticing the rocks above and below me, then contour around below the fingernail shaped cliff, up the reentrant to the clearing, then run across the flat to the control. Easy.
3. Feeling good. Up past the grey area with two knolls, then down to the yellow, then ... confusion. I'm looking down at a reentrant, when I expect just a hillside sloping away from me. Afterwards, studying the map, I see the top of the control circle hid the contour that might have made me understand. Wandered around, then halfway back to #2 to re-attack, when Greg Balter came through. He bobbled a bit, but at least it showed me where to look.
4. To the right of the big marsh, then I ended up at the track just south of the little marsh, and lost time trying to figure out the reentrant system in front of me. Finally figured it out, and then ran straight to the control.
5. Up the reentrant, straight to the control.
6. Not too sure exactly where I went over the mountain. But it seemed a long descent past the cliffs. Easily picked up where I was at the bottom, up the final hill, and the right rock was there in front of me.
7. Already beginning to feel tired. Didn't see the minor track. Hesitant, but navigated right to the control.
8. Round to the right on the tracks. Attacked from the saddle to the south-east. Was pretty slow on the final attack because of vegetation and marsh.
9. Did not like map
Back out through the saddle to the marsh, round the first big cliff with eyebrows, then just north of the red line. I was feeling unsure as I followed the stream up, and then felt totally confused when I came out into the open area. How hard would it have been to use OCAD to put "rough open" over this whole area? I thought I was totally lost because the map was just plain wrong. Judging from his comments it was JJ who came past me here.
10. By now I had lost the skin on my right big toe, and was feeling pretty wary of the vegetation through here. Took my time using the rocks to make sure I got it right. Felt pretty happy since I saw several people wandering around lost near here.
11. Came too far right out of the control, and emerged from the marsh to the west of Times Square. Then took the track north-east out of Times Square to go over the first hill. I took the reentrant out north from the centre of the four hills, then turned right.
12. Too slow. Being too careful in reading everything. Lots of people were punching at the control, but I wanted to be careful to ignore them.
13. Went left of the line, past themarsh and then aloned the track to set me up for the attack. By now the skin on both big toes was gone, and I was hobbling along pretty slowly.
14. Down the reentrant, turn left at the stream, head for the big knoll and run on compass from the saddle. I was about 20 meters off to the right, but saw the reentrant.
15. I knew exactly what I was doing, but still Attackpoint splits analysis says I made an error. Oh well.
16. Barely anything more than a walk by now because of my toes. Down the big reentrant and then back up the hill from the saddle between 16 and 17.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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