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Race Evaluation

Bowie: Fran Uhler Natural Area: Red


1. A bit tired from 1/2 marathon yesterday but felt ok once I started. Past tennis courts, along clearing and into woods across from building. Forget about 7500 scale and surprised to see road so quickly. Thought I had passed it, but it was right in front of me.
2. Around pond to R. Bearing in.
3. NE to trail and took it until it faded out. Straight from there. With no rain, the middle of the pond was excellent running.
4. +00:40Got to far N going around ponds and hit the knolls and depressions 100m N of control. There was another bag there and I think I gave it away to a group coming from the trail.
5. Out to RaceTrackTrail and cut in from jct. Did not even notice Merkle trail option.
6. Straight, coming around/thru green on E side.
7. +00:30Followed dry stream out toward RTTrail. At clearing near bend got confused and thought I was going to (10). Started to follow stream S, then decided trail was better. Followed stream in from NW.
8. Straight, but got to close to the marshy stuff. Thought it was supposed to be dry. Some trouble getting through the green at WBandA trail. Attacked from track trail jct.
9. Along clearing and cut in where it looked good.
10. Along the edge of the Patuxent.
11. NW to RTTrail. Cut in at stream crossing. Starting to feel a little tired now.
12. Back out to trail and ran until just before trail N of control. Cut corner, ran to river, looked around.
13. +00:45W to RTTrail, past marsh and headed to (4) as attack point. Missed it from here, getting messed up in the beaver ponds and green and ending up to far SW.
14. +01:00Careless and missed it. Thought I would see it but to far right and almost hit trail.
15. +00:20Straight but drifted L, passing control in clearing. Took the trails to be safe.
16. +00:30NE to trail. Confused when trail was a huge fire road and not a small footpath as mapped. Trail to powerline tower. Stopped again to verify correct location becuase I was in clearing and map said woods. Finally ignored map and just ran in.
17. +02:00Bad route choice. Got on wrong side of one of one of the water fingers and could not cross. Instead of crossing powerline I was approaching RR tracks. Crossed on a log and came to control from E.
18. +00:20Up to trail, bridge to clearing and around green on L. Stopped to look a little early.
F. Trail past control on junk pile, through clearing to road and parking. E side of track.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:05

Split Analysis

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