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Race Evaluation

US NIght-O Champs: Red


1. Bounced off a fence beyond the control. Not a loss at night.
4. A little wide to the right, hesitated to leave the trail. OK for the night.
7. Lacked confidence
Hit the right reentrant at 90 deg., knew was off to the right, so went left (down). Did not go far enough, turned around, went up. Saw Mikell, he went up, too. Went waaaay up, then back down.
8. Bad route choice
Stayed in the creek bed instead of taking the trail parallel to it.
9. Did not plan ahead
Was halfway to #10 when I started reading the map. Came back.
10. +00:30Went circles around the non-reflective bag. A loss for no reason.
11. +00:40See #10.
12. Bad compass work
See #10. This time, also was off a little.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:00

Split Analysis

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