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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Sprint (Correct)


1. Forgot my compass, realized it after punching start, but decided not to go get it. Couldn't find the start triangle until I had already run a ways past it.
2. No compass - started too far left.
3. No compass - started too far right.
4. First stone wall was higher than it looked - almost didn't make the top.
5. Saw the gap in the green (John F passed me early on this leg)
6. Knew to come back on the other side of the triangle stone wall.
7. Crossed the wall just left of the corner (someone tried to fake me out and I was headed right, at first), then to the field.
8. Knew where this first spectator control was; stole a compass from Patty on the way into it.
13. Felt like I took a good shortcut here, jumping over some PVC.
15. Foolishly thought there was a route choice on this leg, wasted some time.
16. Drifted too far right, slightly messing up the 2nd spectator control.
17. No wheels for the fans as I passed the start area. Looked at my watch to see if I had a shot at Nate, but I guess it hadn't started.
18. Passed George on this stretch, maybe Pete, too.
19. Too much hesitation on a direction choice (pressure with 2 guys behind me).
20. Slow going around the buildings, then ran 270+ degrees around to get the flag.
21. This one was very fun!
22. Not enough left to make a strong run.
F. Jumped from too far away from the wall, almost missed the lower railing on my grab. Then revealed my complete lack of grace when vaulting the rail and doing a spastic 360 to recover the landing. Lost to Nate by 5 seconds on this leg.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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