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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Mashamoquet Brook State Park (Wolf's Den): Red


1. +01:00I came in over the top of the cliffs, and expected the control to be much higher than in was. I'm not entirely convinced that it was set correctly, or that the cliffs right there are mapped correctly, but I didn't stick around long enough to say anything for sure. It was better to go below, I think.
2. Went straight. I think there's some time here where I was still wondering about #1. Control was pretty well hidden, but it was right on my line.
3. +00:30Went by the long cliff, then through the little patch of green in front of the control. Small hesitation to check my map when I didn't see the control immediately. Probably faster to go straighter and not hit the green.
4. +00:10Dicking around too much taking a bearing from the trail.
5. Was looking for that patch of bare rock, but I basically went straight and the marsh couldn't be missed.
6. I went high over the cliff/rocks and came into the control from the left. Maybe it was faster than below?
7. +00:15Went to the cliff S of the actual one, which didn't really cost me much time. Was rueing the climb.
8. More or less straight.
9. Basically straight. I hit the rocky pit, the end of the first wall, ran parallel to the next wall, was surprised to see the next segment of wall so deteriorated, ticked off the rocks into the control.
10. Straight, and correcting to the left off of the slight reentrant that the control was in. Downhill, baby!
11. To the right of the marsh then straight. Came out of #10 at a non-optimal angle and had to run more right to get around the marsh.
12. I remember the control but not the route (sorry, don't have my map with me right now). I don't recall any difficulty.
13. +00:30Went left and low around the cliffs, regretting almost instantly the route choice, so I eventually climbed over them. Definitely faster to go more straight. Need to work on my hills so I'm not afraid of the climb.
14. +00:30Not a pretty leg. I followed the stream, cutting left at the little rock and then up into the cliffs. I found the patch of white and the cliffs at the end of it, but went a bit too far left cutting into the green and probably wasted some time fighting through laurel I didn't have to. Not too much of an error.
15. Gratuitous climb, yo!?! Not cool! I guess it's good for the legs.
16. Crossed the stream at the trail. Probably faster to go further along the stream and take a straighter route.
17. +00:15Got a tad confused but found the control alright.
18. Took the trail for a little ways, cut across near that long cliff again, saw the control as soon as I came around the corner of the cliff.
19. Followed the marsh then the cliffs up the hill.
20. Glooooriously downhill!
F. I might have been conservative with time lost on some of these. Overall, a pretty good run. Head wasn't into it for the first couple of controls.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:10

Split Analysis

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