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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Mashamoquet Brook State Park (Wolf's Den): Red


1. +00:30Trail to reentrant, then stayed high to avoid wet ground, but then wound up circling around to control from the N.
2. +02:00Thought I could run on bearing along the upper fringe of rocky features, but couldn't find twin boulders or read map easily when I got close. Had to bail out to trail, then back from small cliff next to trail. Control seemed to be on rather unremarkable boulder closer to trail than depicted.
3. Drifted too much to R and wound up climbing unnecessarily on top of long cliff. Crossed stream and then traversed to green in front of flag, running around it to the R.
4. To trail, then cut corner to EW trail, then in along spur.
5. Took longer than expected to get to main ridge line, probably as I was drifting down the reentrants on the way, then E of both marshes.
6. Excellent running below cliff line and rocky ground, then small fight through vegetation at end.
7. Up over ridge, then angling to trail and running along W side of marsh. Stayed low until hitting marsh just S of flag.
8. +03:00Under cliffs and across stream, then drifter too far right failing to spot anticipated large boulder. Eventually just ran N to line of cliffs, but had to work back to W for 100-150 m.
9. Roughly on line. Crossed second wall near W end, but failed to identify distinct conifer. Able to see end of wall N of control as I approached and adjusted slightly uphill.
10. On line. Helped by spotting 3 people at control, then reached them and didn't see the flag, and wondered why they were just standing still in the middle of nowhere. Finally realized there was a small cairn (? rootstock) next to them hiding a flag on the ground.
11. On line over top of marsh, and then staying above large boulder.
12. Crossed trail at S of parallel wall, then angled between EW walls to open area, then across to flag. Looked briefly for missing punch before continuing on.
13. +02:00Ran large trail to end of green, but then ran past the flag to the next line of cliffs. Didn't enjoy climb back, and took a bit of time figuring which gap I was crossing through on way back.
14. +02:45Stayed high for better running in white, and made excellent time to S side of marsh I had passed on approach to #7, but then lost concentration, and spent time poking around in green reentrant N of reentrant leading to long cliff. When I finally reoriented myself, I still had trouble finding flag buried deep in green on top of knoll
15. Around marsh and up stream before cutting across green to control. Caught Rich Nietupski at flag.
16. Drifted down slope gradually, crossing trail before enjoying excellent running W of stream in rough open area. Crossed opposite green patch and picked up and of small wall segment before climbing. Nailed control.
17. Trying to follow ridge line w/ some difficulty as I drifted a bit to R. Corrected just in time and hit 2nd small marsh without having seen first. Looked for flag on NE side and didn't see it. Started off further to NE, but stopped when 2nd marsh didn't appear immediately. As I went back, I found flag camouflaged against vegetation.
18. Briefly on trail, then roughly contoured to long cliff W of control before crossing stream to flag.
19. +01:30Tried to run along edge of green, but picked up wrong reentrant leading to less rocky area west of line. Recognized as I saw descent in front of me w/ peak elevation still to my E. Looped around to flag from NW.
20. On line, crossing fields. Downhill finish greatly appreciated.
F. Hard to the finish. Not a great performance, but not bad either on a fairly challenging course.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:45

Split Analysis

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