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Race Evaluation

Huntington SP Local: Red


1. Around on trail.
2. Trail through the marshes, then up the hill.
3. Trail to the W side of marsh, and then N along the marsh until it looked crossable.
5. Spiked the stone wall junction, then staight in. Great open woods running. There wouldn't be a lot more of that!
6. +00:45I'm pretty sure the flag was higher up than mapped, as some others confirmed after. Anyway, I looked lower first, then came back up to it.
7. Aimed off a bit and hit the stone wall at the junction, then right along the wall to the flag.
8. +00:30South end of the marsh, along the ruined stone wall, and up the reenran. I hesitated at knoll before the one I wanted. Hard to read the map there.
9. +00:20Trail NE a bit, then straight at it (through some laurel) and I actually spiked the boulder (which was just off the trail), but I thought I was left, so I ran a 20 meters down the trail before looking back, noticing the boulder, and heading right back to where I was.
10. Trail to the junction, then straight.
11. Climbed up between the cliffs and spiked it.
12. +01:00Trail to the stream, then up the stream past the spur and aiming left of the flag to avoid the worst of the green. A bit confused when I hit the indistinct trail (which I hadn't noticed on the map), but then realized I just had to head south about 30 meters.
13. Back the way I came, then followed the trail SW to the N edge of the circle. No flag there, but I looked out and spotted it due S across the reentrant about 40 meters from where it was supposed to be.
14. Probably going straight and weaving around the green is faster, but I took the long, safe route. Trail SW, cutting the corner to the main trail. Then two steep ups and downs on the main trail before the function the the trail heading NE and going right to it. At this point, I was totally shot.
15. Trail S, then trail E to below the big cliff, then pretty much straight from there. Saw Charlie punching as I looked up and saw the flag.
16. Tried moving a little faster (to lose Charlie!). I found an unmapped bike trail heading south on the hillside above the marsh, which made this (my last!) fast leg.
17. Drank 3 cups of water as Charlie came in. The route south around the marsh looked shorter (about 50 meters, measured at home), but had more green and steeper climbs. So I went back north the way I came. But I had some trouble crossing the north end of the marsh. No problem spiking the control from the trail bend.
18. +05:00Too tired to run or read the map. Went around to avoid climb but I ended up way NE of the control and checked the wrong knoll (on the absurd theory that the pond, which was the natural attack point, was dry and so invisible. As I came back down the knoll into the reentrant, I saw Charlie wandering, and we both realized at the same time that the pond was higher up and SW.
19. Through the saddle, around the end of the marsh and right to it.
20. +02:00Along the cliffs to the trail, then around the trail, across the stream and right to the little rocky dot knoll in the center of my circle. No flag. The clue was boulder. I first went NW above the stream. Nothing. Then back the other way and found it at an unmapped boulder higher up. Charlie came in as I was punching.
21. Long trail run around. At least I could keep jogging at an 11-12 minute pace on the trail. If I had gone straight, it would have been all walking.
22. Didn't want to climb back up to the trail (3 lines!), so I walked WSW, picking up the stone wall, to the trail across the dam, and right to it.
F. SW to the trail. Not a sprint finish!

Total Time Lost - 00:09:35

Split Analysis

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