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Race Evaluation

Huntington SP Local: Red


1. E on the road and around on the trail.
2. +02:30Remarkable screw up. Trail N then jumped off early on wrong hill and took a while to relocate
3. Pretty much straight.
4. Up and over, below the cliff, around and in.
5. Straight line to stonewall jct S of control, then along the NS wall and in.
6. Around the marsh, under the cliffs, then in on compass.
7. +00:30Up and over and thought I was right on, but much too high and had to run down the spur.
8. Looked for wall to my right, then followed it. Crossed over to E side of long line of cliffs and in.
9. +02:30Tried to skirt green by going N of it and then over to the second trail. Hit trail right on line with control, but thought I was left and ran right for a while until things looked really weird. Then read the map and back
10. To the stream, then up the hill.
11. Under the big cliffs, saw the rootstock from a distance.
12. +00:30Trail around and through the quarries. Ran right past the bag and spent some time trying to figure out why it wasn't there.
13. +06:00Got a little stuck in laurel leaving and missed the trail going back. Had to cross big ridge E of control and right in, but couldn't find it. Clue said spur, map said re-entrant. Finally gave up. Folks who found it said it was on S edge of circle.
14. +10:00Meant to go around on trail, but started heading E before I thought about it and got into the green. After a bit of mischief and out to the yellow trail, got on the wrong trail and got N of control. Tried to pick it up on straight line and got too far E. Saw a really big deer. Finally found it, but got my foot tangled in laurel right at the bag and went down hard. Not much good at running after that.
15. +03:00Slow shuffle, back along trail and across, then on top of the hill by all the junk and down on compass. Had it nailed until I got distracted by someone saying "I've got it" off to my right. Don't know what he got but it wasn't the control. After I determined it was bogus I climbed back up and found it pretty easily. Phil came in right behind me.
16. ESE around top of marsh. Nice open running. Then fell in behind Phil on new, unmapped trail most of the way there.
17. Phil headed out N of marsh, so I went south. Really thick.
18. +02:00Now I see what happened. Headed NW under cliffs and up through slot at top of reentrant and no ponds! Milled around for a while and found Phil again. Finally puzzled out that we needed to climb to the S and in.
19. Along slot to trail, then SE on trail a bit to get around marsh, up and in.
20. S through slot, then SW on trail to bend and across and in. Phil came in from another direction and was there just ahead of me. Through me off by muttering something about it not being our control, but it was. It was not as mapped however.
21. Around on trail. Way too tired to run any more, so just walked.
22. Up reentrant to WNW, just walking. Picked Rhonda up at the parking lot and walked to the control.
F. Walking.

Total Time Lost - 00:27:00

Split Analysis

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