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Race Evaluation

Huntington SP Local: Red


1. +01:00Out of parking lot and saw small trail directly across. Very tempting and took it across wall and on compass a while but going too R and lost track of position. Over second wall on R of depression and tried to make sense of things, slowly. Finally saw bag. Not good start.
2. Trail and in. Though at first wasn't paying mauch attention and thought I was on a trail further on and wondered why compass was off.
3. Slightly to R and picked way across marsh. Heard funny clomping and saw Pav taking bridge across on mt bk trail.
4. +00:20Went L a bit to avoid extra climb but didn't correct on other side winding up too L and wondering why didn't look right. Saw Pav punch and went over.
5. +00:15Straight following Pav. She went through a gap in the wall to the L. I chose to avoid the small hill and went R and followed wall along. Got to about right distance expecting bag to be directly beyond end of wall and saw Pav punch to L. Later realized the wall bent R under the line.
6. Along marshes and on compass up and in. Seemed right.
7. Straight and hit wall in middle and up.
8. Down spur, pass corner of wall,around marsh and along flat to reentrant. Up and around 2nd small hill. Bag.
9. +01:00L along trail till laurel thinned. Straight over picking way thru. Down along spur to S of bag, hit trail and L to bag. Should have gone bit more L of laurel thru saddle.
10. Contoured straight, crossed trail and up to bag.
11. +00:30Along to base of cliffs. Reentrant looked much greater than on map so looked for way up cliffs and in from above. Went R up narrow slot and along top past chimney and down to it. Straight across better.
12. +00:30Trail over to junction before mica mine and ran into Rhonda out for jog. Chatted with her a bit about location and then off down trail to L, should have gone down stream. Up and over ridge to stream and around/thru green to bag.
13. +01:00Green hadn't been too bad so thought would try straight route. Found very nice trail thru green, around marsh, along cliffs and in to reentrant in middle of circle - nothing. Checked out spur/small hill to R and then reentrant on other side of trail. no bag. Punch and off. Can't be bothered; it's either here or not or I have circle wrong.
14. +02:00Decided to go straight as green seems mostly grown out. Over first ridge to drop thru gap in cliffs. YIKES! 20' cliffs with very small gap over there. Pick way down and over next ridge with another Yikes line of cliffs. Certainly under play the mapping. Pick way around marsh and thru green to trail. And again thru more green to trail slightly R of bag. Overall a slow route, not recommended.
15. Trail to ride, L to top, over hill and down thru more cliffs and on compass carefully reading terrain and in.
16. Slowing, head E across marsh, pick up old bike trail and then sections of new Aspetuck trail a couple times. Back to old road to bag and water.
17. L looked green and more climb. So head back R along trails again. Around marsh and pick up Aspetuck again. Up road to bend and in.
18. +00:30Up between cliffs, across flat and up big reentrant into green? Figured wrong reentrant and headed S, saw pond and bag way up there thru unmapped green.
19. Picked way out of green, down valley to trail, around marsh and up reentrant.
20. Down slot to trail, along to bag on rock by trail. Bearing across stream and saw bag up hill.
21. +01:00Decided straight would be more interesting than around as wasn't running too fast anyway. Back to trail, L along to reentrant slot, N up slot climbing above cliffs and across to trail. L on trail to go R of marshes. Missed intended reentrant and went over hill wanted to miss. Hit trail at wall and down to bag.
22. Along stream to fence, over and along fence to new road, across dam to bag.
F. L to trail to outhouse to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:05

Split Analysis

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