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Race Evaluation

LAOC A meet: Blue


1. +02:00Ran through the circle, then became confused by the boulders
2. +01:30Didn't see tiny reentrant on map. Went through larger reentrant, then relocated on ridge
3. +13:00Again, didn't see tiny reentrant on map. Navigated to larger, rocky reentrant in the circle several times, from several different directions. Very depressing.
5. +02:00Overshot control with Mikell in hot pursuit, ending up at boulder in reentrant to south. After finding no control, turned around to see Mikell much higher on the hillside, heading in the other direction.
6. Contoured through the yucca. (Removed another 16 yucca tips from my legs just this morning!)
7. +01:30Took trail W of cliffs and ended up too far north of control. Luckily my wife was there and pointed me in the right direction.
8. +01:30Ran all the way to trail junction E of control, then became confused. Simply not paying attention.
9. +05:00Tried to navigate through cliffs, confused yet again, and turned L instead of R when I hit the trail.
11. +01:30No good plan to get through cliffs.
12. +01:30Poor map reading in circle.
13. +01:30Up to the trail, then overshot control.
15. Being more careful now.
16. +01:00Misidentified trail junctions.

Total Time Lost - 00:32:00

Split Analysis

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