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Race Evaluation

NEOC Hammond Pond: Sprint


1. Straight in off the cliffs.
2. +00:10Ran straight over the top past the bare rock and out to the trail. Control was E of the indicated position (at least, I'm pretty sure that form line is indicating a spur, not a reentrant).
3. Trail. Also weird mapping in the circle.
4. Straight, following the base of the big cliffs.
5. Straight, going slightly to the right of the big cliffs.
6. Straight, hit the big-ish cliff on my right, then over the top of the next ridge and a little bit right of where I wanted to be, but went right around the little hill to the far trail, then in to the control.
7. +00:10Took the trail. The spur wasn't quite as I expected and I came over it too far north.
8. The green was definitely not as dark as indicated. Saw the big boulder before the trail and hit the cliffs exactly where I wanted to.
9. +00:05Followed the little cliffs then the big boulders, saw the long curvy cliff to my right, then didn't read the circle well. When Neil and Doug said they were all on reentrants I didn't believe them.
10. Slow but clean.
11. +00:10Went straight, not quite sure of my position when I came into the corridor of cliffs, so I went up the wrong reentrant. I don't like the way some of those cliffs are mapped.
F. A good run. In control most of the time. Got Ross by 10 seconds.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:35

Split Analysis

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