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Race Evaluation

Leksands OK Elitserien, Long Distance: H55


1. +01:00Difficult uphill leg - ended up just a little to the right of the control at the vegetation boundary and corrected quickly.
3. Very slow running. According to Winsplits I should have missed 3 min´s on this one, but this is only due to my lack of speed and maybe a little hesitation going into the control...
4. +01:30Parallell error - crossing the marsh too early and ending up too far to the left. I thought I saw the cliffs on the map before crossing, but it must have been just the very obvious reentrant...
8. +00:45Veering too far to the left on my bearing - a typical high speed error in this open flat forest. Saw some other runners and was affected by them - knew they were not going my way but still didn´t correct enough.
11. +00:30Taking it very easy and also having to correct my bearing a little - maybe 50 m to the right

Total Time Lost - 00:03:45

Split Analysis

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