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Race Evaluation

Siljanskavlen, Relay: H150/leg3


1. Slow running uphill almost all the way to #1 made it tough to get going - also messed up a little on a 'micro route choice' not picking the best terrain to run in...
2. +00:30Stayed too high/too far to the right on the slope and had to correct my bearing into the control.
3. +00:15Very slow and hesitant execution - not really a miss...
5. Good flow - slow running (compared to the others on the course)
7. A bit slow - could have pushed more
10. A long leg with lots of running - 'fighting it out' with the D21's for a while on the trail (Lena E, Maria B). Over the ridge and then slow and careful into the control - saw two other forkings more or less in the same control circle but hit mine right on.
11. Very deep depression - not really fully shown as that on the map...
12. Careful orienteering - hit it right on.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:45

Split Analysis

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