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Race Evaluation

Vilnius O Thursday 8th tour: H21A


1. started to run quite slowly and carefully. Took the CP without any problems.
2. Bad distance judgement
wanted to start searching earlier, but luckily still managed to find out what is going on and find CP
3. Bad map reading
ran down on the wrong slope and couldn't relocate. Was standing and looking at the people passing by like a kid. At last found the one was looking for, but it was freaking jungle, not posible to get through!
4. Confused parallel features
Got on the wrong nose, saw a fresh path into the CP, but was too wise to follow it. So checked on e more nose before got to a CP.
5. started to really read a map at last. got to a CP without any mistakes, just was quite hard climb up the hill.
6. No problems, good direction, got straight into CP.
7. Confused parallel features
tied to a relief features and few objects and got to CP area and then started to fool around, too many similar features.
8. nice and fast.
9. +00:20messed up with a tiny roads, but luckily got on the right one and ran to a CP.
10. at least was able to run down a road in a decent speed, got in fallen trees next to a CP.
11. nice and quick. somehow was easy to read (not usual in this forest)
12. Confused parallel features
ran by a rail road, trains were passing by, quite unpleasant feeling. got confused by small hill in the area.
13. Confused parallel features
very hard run, only climbing and looking around. luckily saw people leaving CP
14. Confused parallel features
decided to go straight. was partially right, because on the top of the hill it was almost possible to run. got a bit lost in the CP area, with a help of colagues we managed to find the truth.
15. Confused parallel features
quickly in the beginning, got confused at the end, wrong nose damn it.
16. followed couple of guys, no mistake, only hard climbing up.
17. everything was clear just some more climbing up the path.
F. many mistakes, normal for this forest.. it causes me a surprise every time I get there.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:50

Split Analysis

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