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Race Evaluation

CSU Training Weekend (Pawtuckaway): Attackpoint


1. This was supposed to be attackpoint training, which I didn't know beforehand. Would have come in useful here, because I took a more-or-less straight route and landed on a knoll just to the east, and it took me a while to locate the streamered knoll.
2. For some silly reason, I decided to go N, avoiding the trail to save a trivial amount of climb and distance. The two Alexes were here at around the same time.
3. When we got to the swamp edge, Alexei went N, I went NW and Alex J. went W. I got there just before Alexei.
4. Alexei disappeared quickly...
5. Met Sam at the control
6. Both Sam and I got to the circle and had to search around a bit. More stuff here than mapped.
7. I went a little lower than Sam -- never saw her again.
8. Ugly leg -- I was too far south and didn't realize it until I hit the trail.
9. Trail.
10. David Yee passed me going up, but was going too far right. I reached the control not far behind Alex J.
11. Alex, me, David I think was the order
12. We all went down to the marsh way too soon, paying the price in negotiating crap. I was last.
13. Just before Alex. David not in sight.
14. Around to right of line, Alex following until just beyond the cliffs, went she went low. I found the nice flat area and followed it to the pond.
15. Right of line. Didn't see Alex until I was leaving the control.
17. Ran to swamp corner, then took a hesitant route & Alex led in to the control.
18. We both got a bit confused in the control circle.
19. Really really ugly. Here is where finding the attack point (big boulder to NE of control) would have been useful. We overshot. I tried to relocate by going N and using bould er clusters. Not a good idea. Alex had a better idea -- climb to top of hill. That worked better.
20. Alex headed for the road. My plan was to go straight, but I confused my swamps and ended up in the green nearer the road, and didn't figure it out until I passed by the big long rock. Still, got to the control around the same time as Alex.
F. A very nice course by Brendan & Ross.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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