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Race Evaluation

CSU Training Weekend (Pawtuckaway): AM Short


1. around right of green
5. trail to northernmost e-w trail, then cut through white since there were no campers there
6. picked up mark on the way here. propped up stick with streamer which had fallen down.
7. following mark, but he missed the turn, which was blocked by a car. I looked at my compass and recovered fast.
9. first foray into the woods and I messed up. I ran right by control #1 on the attackpoint course, but in a severe brain fade somehow veered away from the control direction.
10. Saw both Dave Yee & Sam coming from the left. As I hadn't seen either of them before, I was puzzled as to whether they had actually visited #9. (They had).
11. Behind Sam. Didn't see Dave again.
12. Slight bobble -- after crossing the hillside, went high too soon, having to drop into the saddle.
13. Took a really non-optimal route & confused myself some. ENE, crossing water, then coming over the top of the hill S of the control.
14. Overshot to next hill.
15. The streamer was lower than I expected.
16. Left trail way to soon, following shoreline. After crossing stream went straight up the slope (not reading map). Lost loads of time on this leg!
F. Very nice course, Ross.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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