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Race Evaluation

CSU Boston Park Series - Peter's Hill: Advanced


1. After donning my rockin' headband, I told Ross I would run without my shirt if he did. I'm pretty sure he was shirtless before I finished the sentence, so that was that.
4. Blasted down the hill on the right side of the green.
5. +00:05Went to the right of that green blob. Ouch.
6. +00:15Overshot the control. Ouch.
7. +00:30Ran to the bottom of the cliff before looking to see where the control actually was. Big ouch.
8. Kind of slow down the rock face.
9. Left around the green. Right probably better.
10. Climb, yo.
11. Went down the right side of the green, then along the road. Apparently the green is passable? Not sure it's faster, though.
12. Down to the field.
F. Along the field then up to the road. Legs just wouldn't let me catch Hillary.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:50

Split Analysis

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