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Race Evaluation

QOC: Great Falls, VA: Blue


1. +00:15Trail. Cut in on line with boulders and stupidly went right through them. Cautious going in because that didn't look like a spring to me!
2. Straight over the top. Saw Control 17 down the hill as I passed above. Trail to field edge and then on in. No problems.
3. No attack point
Did not check features en route
Bad distance judgement
Forgot I had to cut up to second trail. When I had gone up to second trail, I was already at the right area to head in, but wasn't convinced. Ran S on the trail until I could see it dropping and then turned around and ran back toward control on top of the ridge. A 2 min error.
4. Bad compass work
Down to trail insection. Trail to bridge and then straight up to it. Was trying to go straight at it, but I drifted to trail insection, so went with the trails. Probably lost 45 seconds due to drift and alternate route choice.
5. Back to trail and then back to main trail. Had throught about taken the more western trail, but this turned out better since the control was so low in the reentrant. No problems.
6. Hesitated
Around the bottom the hill and through the rocks. Very cautious and slow through the rocks. Ended up attacking from the eastern branch of the stream instead of the more logical western branch. This was caused by inability to read the fine print on the map.
7. Trail, on a pace count and on up. No problems.
8. Stayed high and pretty much in a straight line. Jumped from hilltop to hilltop. Could see the bag from a distance on top of the second hilltop. No problems.
9. Trail around to base of second hill and then on up. No problems.
10. Took trail to top of second hill and attacked from the top. No problems.
11. Trail.
12. Out around the cliff area and then straight on up. No problems.
13. Bad compass work
Straight, although I drifted a little low and had to run up the reentrant pretty far. Lost 15 seconds due to drift.
14. Straight, no problems.
15. Hugged the top of various reentrants until I got to the trail. Then counted reentrants and went on down. No problems.
16. Bad route choice
Ran too fast
Read map too late
Bad compass work
Headed out of 15 in the wrong direction. Started heading S instead of E. Caught myself after 15 to 20 seconds. Corrected, and then headed SE. Fortunately, I saw the mapped boulder that is about 400 meters SE of 16 and was able to correct rather quickly. From there went down to the sharp E-W stream/reentrant and on up to reentrant with the control. Should have taken the trail around like everyone else. Probably lost a good 1-1/2 mins due to drift and slower route choice.
17. Bad route choice
Ran too fast
Read map too late
Bad compass work
Again, probably should have taken the road like everyone else, but decided to go straight along the ridge. The only problem was that I took the skinny narrow ridge directly E out of 16 instead of going almost straight SSE. I corrected about 30 seconds later, and then, get this, climbed back up to the ridge I orginally wanted to use. Can you say "brain dead." eventually made it to the main trail, but then I climbed up a little earlier instead of just running around to the low spot and heading on up. Probably lost a good 2 mins due to bad route choice, misdirection, and climbing too soon.
F. Tired
Down to the trail and took it all the way in.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:05

Split Analysis

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