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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Nobscot: Red


1. +00:30I misplaced my new compass so I was running with the old one that has a huge bubble in it. Some hesitation on this one since we started at a 45 degree angle to the line, then I ran down the wrong trail to the little gravel yard, but figured out the contours and was fine from there.
2. +00:30Got stuck in some green. Should have run out to the right but tried to go more straight. Then approached in a roundabout way.
3. Well, fortunately I can take a bearing if I wait long enough. Came right up to the control.
4. Took the trail below the control, then went up at the reentrant. Contemplated going up then coming down, but that would have been harder without a good compass.
5. Came right back down the way I came (boy, that was a nice 45m of climb!), then sort of contoured around, hit the ruin, and went in.
6. Went right around the buildings to the trail junction, then in to the marsh, apparently at a bad angle, because I came up to the right of the building before the control, but saw the little hilltop beside the trail and was fine - except that the control had #145 and was supposed to be #107. "S***!" I think, then I notice the one with the e-punch has a #107 on it. What gives?
7. Trail run. Tired with all the climb and had to walk up the hill in places.
8. Back down to the trail junction, then across the cul-de-sac marsh to the big trail, which I promptly left at the stone wall to go up the reentrant towards the marsh. Which was really more like a pond, but whatever.
9. Straight over the hill, to the right of the building, then blasting down looking for the bare rock, which I found. Then went a little bit to the left of the control before correcting.
10. +00:15Blasted down the hill along the stone wall. When I hit the bottom something gave way beneath my foot and I had to catch my whole weight on my left leg. Sure am glad I'm 23, cause my hamstring probably won't do that someday. Anyways, then I jogged up the hill into the saddle and went a bit too far right, coming to the boulder NE of the control. Figured it out and went back.
11. +00:15Basically straight, noting trails where convenient. I was planning to hit the trail junction just before the control, which I did, then I went down into the reentrant and had to look around pretty hard to locate the bag.
12. Went around the base of the hill on that little trail.
13. Went left around the hill out to the road, straight across to the little trail which I followed more or less to the building, then went down the hill until I stumbled on the control. I got lucky on this one; could easily have overshot the cliff and had to go back.
F. Trail run.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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