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Race Evaluation

St John's Orienteering Club - Butterpot Park: Long


3. Did not plan ahead
Unused to terrain
I was on track for a slow but steady event through 3. Aided a medium-map team while at my control.
4. I should have run right over the top of the clear patch & I would have seen control from elevation. Instead, I stuck close to wooded fringe on E side and lost tons of time.
5. Took bearing off sunny shadows and missed by 700m N.
6. Straight forward run down to and along rocky beach.
7. From the beach through GREEN to curve in road, N at trail and caught up with dog walkers and spotted control flag through woods.
8. Went NNE and down then all the way back up, losing tons of time, passing very scary cliffs which shot up my adrenalin. Gave up & went back to hilltops E of control 7. Watched medium-map runners fight about mislabelled control. From the tops, I watched dog walkers and others heading from 8 to 9. Sighted cliff I needed.
9. Control 9 is visible on hill top from 8 but what route would have been best.
10. From 9 down to pond, control is right across pond. Took ski trails N and E round pond but trail was not real trail. Stuck to pond side to my detriment. Should have taken road.
F. Again passed dog walkers & others who had caught me.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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