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Race Evaluation

QOC: Great Falls, VA: Blue


1. Cut in when the row of boulders ended.
2. Around to the left via the trails.
5. +00:30Went straight, up over the hill via the trail. Aound to the left was definitely faster because the control was so low in the reentrant.
6. Around to the left.
7. +01:00Ran past proper entrant on trail--had to attack from trail bend and ended up too high.
9. +00:30Ran to top of hill and didn't see control, which was to NE of hilltop. Ran back down to trail to SE and saw control from the trail.
12. +01:00Went to top of reentrant (which I had circled) rather than reentrant junction.
13. +00:45Drifted too far left
14. +03:00Drifted too far right and spent too much time hunting around parallel reentrant to the north.
15. +01:00Ran past control and had to reorient on rabbit-ears reentrant to SE.
16. +00:30Went the trail-road route but didn't go far enough south leaving #15 and spent too much time running up and down reentrants in the woods.
17. Via the road and the trail bend.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:15

Split Analysis

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