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Race Evaluation

QOC: Great Falls, VA: Blue


1. +00:20Early starter so I could work the finish. Up the trail past the junction then cut in to go through the white woods. Still ended up to far N and had to follow the stream.
2. +00:30Slightly N of direct line to get to trail. Was going to take trail around because I recall from previous course setting here we were not supposed to be in Matildaville. Cut the corner anyway to check out (17) . Figured everyone would be running here anyway. Did not see it (probably not hung yet). Trail SW a bit then though the clearings. Did not see bag at first and ended up a little NE.
3. Out to trail and W side of lock. Up to 2nd trail and in.
4. +00:40Straight but ended up hitting stream trail jct. Control higher than expected.
5. Started straight but contoured around when I hit the cliffs. Realized I should have taken the trail whole way when paralleling it two contours up. Unsure where control was supposed to be. I had it marked high up on the green patch. Control was not there. Before I started Dorina had gone out to hang the last few bags on S end. I had waited 30 min before starting to give her time. This bag was not even on south part. Checked my watch to get a split then proceded to check every finger of the reentrant to make sure control was not mishung or fallen down. Even went to next reentrant S to make sure I was in right place. Eventually decided bag was not hung yet, checked watch and went on. (When I picked up controls after meet I thought this bag was hung way to low, easy to see but to close to trail.)
6. +00:30Around on trail cutting through rocks more than I should have. Down to big trail and up to stream. Again no bag. Took the split then made a quick check for mishung bag before continuing.
7. Wondering if I will see any more controls. Trail then up at bend. As I approach the pit, Dorina comes in from SE carrying the control.
8. Straight, but hesitant near the end.
9. Trail. Control was visible from trail.
10. +00:30Tried to contour around and slowly drop, but to steep and green so forced down to trail. Would have been quicker to just go SW to trail.
11. Trail run.
12. Struggled up hill on W side of cliffs then straight across the spur. Control lower than expected.
13. Down reentrant then straight to bottom of reentrant with control. Except there is no control up in the reentrant. The usual, took a split, checked out all the fingers, and looked in the reentrant to S. Since I met Dorina apparently heading back in, I assumed this bag would have been hung. Maybe it was forgotten. I put my control descriptions on a branch where I thought bag should be before checking the time and continuing. (bag was hung later at that spot)
14. Straight but ended up at next reentrant N and had to come back. No matter, there was no control at either location. The usual. As I was getting ready to go on, saw another orienteer in gully to E. He had bags which he had gotten from Dorina. We hung 14 and were joined by Sid and they went on to 13. (He was on green and that was next on his course)
15. Straight.
16. Out to trail and in from the road.
17. Road then down the stream to catch trail through marsh. Surprised to see a control there since this area was "environmentally sensitive" when I set courses here and we had to stay on the trail.
F. E trail and did not cut the corner. My total time in woods was over 83 min but was adjusted to take off all the time spent verifying nonexistent bags.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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