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Race Evaluation

Crandalls Park Sprints: Green


2. Across marsh, up hill to trail, able to recognize the surrounding terrain easily since this was my third time to this control.
3. NW to top of marsh in big reentrant, and figured I'd find the large boulder and go on compass from there. A little visual scanning revealed that there were a lot of big rocks on that hillside, and I wasn't likely to figure out which was the mapped one. Next bet was to use contours, although I crossed something that looked like a reentrant that I couldn't see on the map. Third plan was to overshoot to the trail, but that wasn't necessary because the knoll was adequately visible as I got close.
4. Uphill in the right direction and managed to get myself onto the correct line of cliffs, but the trick here was to figure out where the basemap ended and the fieldchecked area began. Went by a bunch of rock, looking in things that might be crevices, then looked down the slope to the left to see if I could discern a trail to figure out where I was. No such luck, so I decided to try climbing to the top to relocate, and on the way I went through the correct cliff gap (wider than I was expecting) and found the control. So I really didn't lose any time, other than my little peek over the edge.
8. Spaced out and stayed too high, going SW and just about contouring instead of going downhill. Hit the trail and got my head back together.
9. 12 seconds faster than on Sprint B, since all I had to do was retrace my steps, and not hesitate just before the cliffs.
10. E out of control, around E end of big cliff, then out to the trail.
11. Sweet running down this slope, even if I-84 was just a few meters away.
12. Through the parking area, road to the bend, then along the SW edge of the marsh to the trail, and an easy attack from there.
13. Straight.
14. 9 seconds faster than on Sprint B, similar deal with not having to think about how to get to the little trail behind the quonset hut.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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