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Race Evaluation

: Houghton's Pond Motala


1. order A-B-C
4. Stayed too high (right), came down to the reentrant and went for the wrong control.
6. Got into the slow stuff near the stone wall.
9. Straight.
10. a little left of the line
13. Straight. Saw control 313 and checked the code. Often, checking the wrong control is a sign of worse confusion to come, but this time it was clear I just had to continue farther.
14. Similar leg to 5-6, but totally different. Found beautiful open running right after the stone wall.
17. Attempted to go right around the stony ground and light green. Seemed to have a measure of success.
18. Left control 20 at the same time as Jim Paschetto, on a route to his left. Got ahead and lost sight of him. Ended up too far left and went up the parallel reentrant. Stayed too long in that reentrant, crossed the spur and headed back down to the control. Jim was a little ahead of me.
19. Crowd at the control made it easy to pick out the right boulder.
20. This area is familiar from the 2 recent visits.
21. N to the trail. Eventually caught up with Sam Levitin on the trail. Ducked left into the woods after going a little too far on the trail, but before Sam.
F. Made no attempt to avoid the green, since it never seems to help in this area.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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